Air freshener in the shape of a trailer, bonfire Camco


Product Code: 38391
  • Hit the road with a fresh, clean scent from Camco. Choose from On Holiday, Along the Shore, Under the Stars and Mountain Breeze give your RV a scent upgrade today. Long days on the road mean your RV won't always feel its freshest. But now it's possible with air fresheners from Camco. Our new line of air fresheners make a fun and aromatic addition to any vehicle, and will help keep your journey fresh and clean mile after mile.

    • Deodorant
    • On Holiday Air Fresheners Trailer Design (Item 53364)
    • Trailer Design Along the Shore Air Fresheners (Item 53363)
    • Fire design air fresheners Under the Stars (item 53365)
    • Mountain Breeze Air Fresheners Message Design (Item 53362)
    • Provides a fresh, clean scent for recreational vehicles
    • Easily hangs on the rearview mirror
    • Ideal for any vehicle
    • Makes your RV's interior smell great when you're on the road