Slide Out Topper fabric Solera


Product Code: 30962
    • Perforation Lets You Easily Pull Out The Fabric You Need, Safely Keeping The Rest Of The Fabric In The Box And Protected
    • Heated Wedge Welding Fuses Vinyl Together For Strong, Leak-Resistant Seams
    • Fabric Box Stays Closed After Each Use, Protecting It From Dirt, Grime And Other Elements That Could Damage The Product
    • Cut To Fit Option In A Box Complete With Easy To Use Roller Just Extend Out The Amount Of Fabric You Need And Cut


    • Awning Fabric
    • Solera
    • Slide Out Topper Fabric
    • Cut to desired length sold at feet
    • Black or White
    • Anti-Scuff/ Anti-Mildew Fabric
    • Fits Solera/ Carefree and Dometic Awnings

    *Items sold by feet are non-refundable.