11″WC Martin Automatic Low Pressure Regulator


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Product Code: 730215
  • 11"WC Martin Automatic Low Pressure Regulator. 280,000 BTU capacity.

    It is recommended that Joint pipette pencil on all tips do not use teffon

    Bismar is a specialist in the manufacture of gas hoses. We manufacture several molded hoses and we can also make custom hoses for all your needs in hoses for propane and natural gas. Bismar is a third-generation family business that has been operating in the propane, natural and butane industry for over four decades.

    Fabrique au québec

    • 11" Bismar Martin WC Automatic Low Pressure Regulator
      Model 254-00
      Between 1/4" output 3/8"
      280,000 BTU capacity
      Grey color