AIR’Septic Black Water Deodorant


Product Code: 21287
  • AIR'Septic Deodorant black water. It promotes the development of bacterial flora in the tank. As well as in wastewater treatment systems. This allows a long interval between drains. During periods of higher temperature.

    Thanks to its formulation, the efficacy of AIR'septic will increase. Urine and excreta odors neutralized by the formulation. A synthetic reaction will eliminate the odours of ammoniated compounds. Sulphides as well as amines which are the main factors of olfactory nuisances.

    The powerful odor neutralizer acts instantly and covers the first 24-48 hours. This product is used as a treatment in several municipalities at the wastewater treatment plants.Fabrique au québecSes actions

    Nettoie les indicateurs de niveau
    Débouche les réservoirs obstrués
    Prévient les mauvaises odeurs dans les réservoirs d’eaux grises




    AIR'septic promotes bacterial activity and neutralizes undesirable odours.

    For use in ecological treatment
    • Septic tank
    • Toilet
    • RV
    • Boat
    • Grease trap

    100% ecological product


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