Gas hose QCC1 X BOM Male Swivel Martin


Product Code: 30429
  • Gas hose QCC1 X BOM Male Swivel  Martin. Several lengths available 4', 6', 8', 10', 12' or 15'.  To connect a BBQ or stove on a big bottle or small green place. Approved hose recommended for hydrocarbons such as liquid or gaseous propane, butane or any combination of these gases at pressures up to 350 P.S.I.

    It is recommended to put Pipette Joint Pencil on all tips not to use teffon

    Bismar is a specialist in the fabrication of gas hoses. We manufacture many models of hoses and we can custom built hose for all your needs in propane and natural hoses. Bismar is a third generation family enterprise established over forty years ago which has been specializing in servicing the propane, natural and butane gas appliances industry.

    Fabrique au québec

    • Gas hose QCC1 X BOM Male Swivel Bismar Martin
    • R-2004 series model
    • QCC1 x BOM Male Cylinder Thread