Gas lift spring


Product Code: 29220
  • Camco Gas Spring. Carbon Steel Gas Springs are perfect for raising and lowering doors and hatches. Nitrogen loaded, providing both control and ease. A 10 mm nylon socket attached at both ends. Fully extended, the carbon steel gas spring measures 20" in length. Compresses up to 11.8" in length.  Available 2 force 120 lbs or 60 lbs

    • Nitrogen loaded spring facilitates lifting and lowering doors and hatches
    • Constructed of durable carbon steel with corrosion-resistant painted body and polished steel rod
    • 10 mm nylon socket attached to both ends
    • 20" extended length, 11.8" compressed length, 8.2" stroke, 8 mm shaft diameter
    • 60 lb or 120 lb force