Propane Hose Connector


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Product Code: 06-2816
  • Propane Hose Connector Marshall Excelsior. The Type I (QCC) Connectors Are Designed With A Built-In Excess Flow Feature And A Positive Shutoff That Will Not Allow Gas To Flow Until The Connector Is Fully Engaged
    In Case Of A Fire The Built-In Thermal Protection On The QCC Connector Melts Allowing The Nipple To Disengage From The Tank Connection And Stop The Flow Of Propane
    Also Provide A Positive Back Check Seal At Disconnect To Eliminate The Propane In The Hose From Being Released Into The Atmosphere
    The Type I (QCC) Thread Replaces The POL Connection On 40 Pound Or Less DOT Propane Cylinders

    • Propane Hose Connector
    • 1-5/16 Inch Female ACME x 1/4 Inch MNPT
    • With Shut Off
    • 100000 BTU/ 50 SCFH Air
    • Black
    • Built-In Thermal Protection