Propane Tank Cover


Product Code: 8930
  • ADCO Propane Tank Cover. Protect propane cylinders while in storage with this heavy-duty deluxe vinyl cover. The molded nylon zipper combined with a pressed wooden top creates a more rugged and weather-resistant cover. The hollow beaded piping cord and shock-resistant elastic cord offer a longer lifespan and a neat fit.


    • A single 20-pound 5-gallon tank when mounted
    • 20-pound, 5-gallon double tank when mounted
    • For double tank from 30 pounds to 7.5 gallons when mounted
  • Adco Covers

    • Protect Propane Bottles While In Storage With This Deluxe Heavy-Duty Vinyl Cover
    • Molded Nylon Zipper Combined With A Pressed Wood Top Creates A More Rugged And Weatherproof Cover
    • Hollow Bead Welt Cord And Elastic Shock Cord Provide A Longer Life And A Neat Tailored Fit
    • Available In Colonial White And Polar White
    • Limited 3 Year Warranty