Product Code: 25819
  • EZ BOSS SHADOW sun visor of superior quality. Available in several colors and sizes. Easy and permanent installation simply zip the main panel. Of unparalleled efficiency, Ecological and Economic, they provide many benefits to their users. Boss Shadow sunshades are easy to install in the groove of the awning tube without tools.

    Open and adjust the awning according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    Unfold the sun visor and separate the top portion from the bottom portion (zipper). It is easier to install if there are two people.
    Insert the top portion cord into the clear groove of the canopy tube and start sliding the sun visor to the other end. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the canopy tube before inserting the sun visor. If the sun visor does not slide easily, use MAGIC BOSS™ LUBRICANT & PROTECTOR, a Teflon-based product, and spray it into the groove of the awning tube.
    Always keep the sunshade aligned with the groove of the awning tube while sliding it.
    Slide it to the other end or until the sun visor is centered on the canopy tube.
    Connect the bottom portion to the top portion using the zipper.
    Use the provided pegs and elastic cords to anchor the eyelets at the bottom of the sunshade to the ground.
    Use the provided ball clips to secure the top of the sun visor to the awning tube.
    In windy conditions, it is recommended to remove the sunshade and roll up the awning to avoid damage.
    Do not roll up the canopy with the sunshade installed.

    Do not use caustic, granulated or abrasive cleaners.
    The best way to keep the fabric in good condition and delay the need for deep or vigorous cleaning is to clean the fabric monthly with clear water. This practice will help prevent dirt from penetrating deeply into the fabric.
    However, a complete cleaning will be required each year. The fabric can be cleaned while being installed on the awning tube. Use a soft brush and warm water with MAGIC-BOSS™ CITRUS AWNING CLEANER, a natural and environmentally friendly product specially formulated to remove accumulated dirt, tree sap and stubborn stains. Air dry only. Never apply heat to the fabric. Always allow the fabric to dry completely before folding and storing.

    • Blocks 80 % UV rays
    • Provides privacy
    • UV protection for better durability
    • Full length insert cord for easy installation within the awning roll
    • Hybrid heigth 7 or 8 Feet
    • Ground metal fixations included
    • Elastics binders included
    • Carrying bag included
    • Woven 100% polyester with durable vinyl coating