Super Septic + with Enzyme MIRAGE 2000


Product Code: 39319
  • Super Septic Plus MIRAGE 2000. «The only, the true, the only» MIRAGE 2000 Super Septic + with enzymes.Treats and deodorizes portable toilets and mobile septic systems on board RVs and boats excellent for septic tanks. Super septic plus uses advanced biotechnology to degrade organic waste in toilets and holding tanks. It controls odours and causes organic degradation such as smelly volatile fatty acids. Bacteria producing specific extracellular enzymes degrade organic waste in toilets and retention tanks. Protein for proteins, amylase for starch, lipase and esterase for dietary fats and fats. Xylanase and cellulase help digest toilet paper. Shake well before use.

    • Treats and deodorizes portable toilets
    • Mobile septic systems onboard RVs
    • Excellent for septic tanks
    • Uses advanced biotechnology
    • Odour control
    • Bacteria producing extracellular enzymes

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