Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVIng


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    Pre-assigned Sensors: Pair them as fast as you can thread them on
    Bande-annonce Capteurs pré-assignésMost TPMS systems take 10-20 minutes to set up and pair all sensors. The more sensors you have, the longer it takes. Tire Patrol expedites the process with pre-assigned sensors labeled for each tire. When you know which sensor goes to which tire, you can pair and re-connect as fast as it takes to thread on all the sensors.
    Crucial Data: Know your tire pressures
    Légendes de la patrouille des pneus

    Tire Patrol provides all the critical info needed to know exactly how a tire is performing in real-time. Monitor real-time tire pressures and temperatures, as well as receive alerts in case of a blowout, low PSI, high PSI, and even high temperature in a tire. Tire data is transmitted every 3 minutes, and the sensor does a tire diagnostic every 3 seconds. If an issue is detected the sensor transmits immediately
    Durable Construction: Quality sensors built to last
    Tire Patrol Gif éclaté

    Tire Patrol is built to thrive in the elements. Each sensor is made of an ABS plastic blend, which is the gold standard in durable plastics manufacturing. Sensors are sealed with a process called sonic welding keeping out water to protect components. For the threads, we chose brass composite because brass is known for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and it's lightweight. This light-weight sensor avoids affecting the balance of your tires and damage to your valve stems.
    Battery Intelligence: Sensors that last
    Intelligence de la batterie rotative des pneus

    To prolong battery life, Tire Patrol sensors go into battery save mode unless pressure is detected and/or the tires are rotating. Because of these advancements, each sensor’s battery lasts an average of 2+ years.
    NOTE: Leaving sensors on your tires at all times can reduce that lifespan significantly. For this reason, we do recommend removing sensors between trips.
  • Take control, while they patrol.

    RVs are incredible because of their flexibility and ingenuity.However, because of their size and weight, they can be a liability. Ablowout or low tire can be a real harm on the road. This is why wecreated Tire Patrol tire pressure monitoring system to keep the funand safety in RVing and flat towing. You haven’t seen a TPMS like this.

    Tire Patrol allows you to monitor up to 14 tires on 2 vehicles at a time.

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    RVI2-PK pour Pick up ou Motorhome

    RVI4-PK pour Auto, Travel Trailer ou Fifth Wheel

    RVI6-PK Motorhome ou Fifth Wheel