Trailer Hitch Ball Mount HUSKY


Product Code: 39916
  • Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Class III/ IV HUSKY. Fits 2 Inch Receiver 6000 Pound Gross Trailer Weight. 2-1/4 Inch Drop/ 1 Inch Rise Non-Swivel. Non-Extendable 9 Inch Shank Length. 1 Inch Ball Hole Without Ball. Powder Coated Steel
    The best way to even out a load is to select the best fitting ball mount. Ball mounts vary by weight rating, shaft length, and rise or drop measurements. Husky’s Class I and II Ball Mounts are manufactured with a precise rise or drop to suit each of the applications. Rise or drop measurements become important in Class III and IV, and Husky offers you a wide range of rise or drop choices.
    ­11-1121 11-1122 11-1124
    ­Receiver Size: 2 Inch Receiver Size: 2 Inch Receiver Size: 2 Inch
    Gross Trailer Weight: 6000 Pound Gross Trailer Weight: 5000 Pound Gross Trailer Weight: 6000 Pound
    Tongue Weight: 1000 Pound Tongue Weight: 500 Pound Tongue Weight: 600 Pound
    Drop2 Inch Drop2 Inch Drop2 Inch
    Rise3/4 Inch Rise3 Inch Rise1 Inch
    Shank Length8 Inch Shank Length10 Inch Shank Length9 Inch
    • Manufactured With A Precise Rise Or Drop To Suit Each Of The Applications
    • Rated At SAE Class II, III And IV Applications
    • Weight rating is limited to vehicle tow rating
    • Easy to Install
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty