Two burners Stove with propane

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  • Two burners Stove with propane Martin. High efficiency burner design and pressure regulated for constant high performance. Wind shields and built in carry handle.

    Bismar is a specialist in the fabrication of gas hoses. We manufacture many models of hoses and we can custom built hose for all your needs in propane and natural hoses. Bismar is a third generation family enterprise established over forty years ago which has been specializing in servicing the propane, natural and butane gas appliances industry.

    Fabrique au québec

    • Propane 2 round camping stove 20,000 BTU
    • Color black and yellow
    • Weight 10 LBS
    • Folding wind barrier
    • Durable, easy-to-maintain housing
    • Stainless steel drip plate —
    • Pressure regulator for constant and stable performance
    • Adjustable heat intensity
    • Integrated carrying handle
    • Piezo ignition