Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Set


Product Code: 34266
  • Don't let the lack of space prevent you from having the convenience and luxury of a central vacuum in your “home away from home”. With an innovative compact design, our vacuum can be installed just about anywhere. Our customers love the surface mount option because it allows them to take the vacuum with them if they trade RV’s or sell the boat, or use it at home when they aren’t out seeing the world. Just hang it in a closet or cabinet…it only takes about 5 minutes to install and for a more permanent installation, the unit can slip into any space that has 4 inch of depth.


    • Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Set
    • For Use With CSRM Vacuum Cleaner
    • With One 35 Foot Stretch Hose/ Combo Tool/ Dust Brush/ Upholstery Tool/ Crevice Tool And One-Piece Steel Telescoping Wand
    • Offers Second Inlet Valve Built Right Into The Power Unit
    • Cleans The Basement And Tow Vehicle In Just A Minute
    • Can Be Located Remotely In The Basement