Windshield Wiper Blade WT-8 Wiper Technologies


Product Code: 33571
  • Improve your vision with TRU Vision's comprehensive line of quality wiper blades. TRU Vision has wiper blades for virtually all "A' Class RV's on the road, so you will always be sure to have the right wiper blade on hand. That's why TRU Vision has the best RV wiper blade range on the market. With the increasing popularity of RV's every year, there is a greater need to replace the wiper blades more often.
    • Windshield Wiper Blade
    • 28 or 32 Inch Length
    • J Hook
    • Refer To Wiper Technologies Application Guide For Proper Fitment
    • Aerodynamically Designed To Reduce Wind Lift, Even At Highway Speeds
    • Features A Rugged Metal Construction And A Longer Life Rubber Wiping Element For Consistent, Reliable Performance
    • Available In A Variety Of Configurations From 230 Millimeter (9 Inch) To 1000 Millimeter (40 Inch), With Adaptors To Permit Easy Installation Onto Most Wiper Arms